Dancing Wiimote-Controlled Roomba!


Wii remote controlled Roomba bot I made for a talent/variety show. The main processor is a Raspberry Pi. It connects to the Wiimote through Bluetooth, and to the Roomba with a serial connection. The servos are standard pulse width modulation. The light bar is several shift registers stringed together.

Code is a bit messy, but here it is. Someday I’ll clean it up. 🙂 Needs pigpio for the servo control and cwiid for Wii remote control. I got the initial wii code working with help from https://www.theraspberrypiguy.com/raspberry-pi-how-to-use-a-wiimote/.

Here is my main code and the separate light bar code that can run simultaneously. Feel free to ask questions!


Future: Remote Control Roomba Cam over WiFi!


Currently in the works… A remote control Roomba, with a pan/tilt camera mount and possibly a simple arm to hit handicapped buttons (to enter doors). Project goal: Use websocket protocol to communicate between a computer and Arduino microcontroller, using an Android phone as the USB/WiFi link.

Using javascript on an HTML page, the computer will send out commands depending on keys pressed on keyboard. The Android phone will take these commands and send them through USB On The Go (OTG) to the Arduino, which will finally control the Roomba through its serial port.  The Arduino can also connect to pretty much anything else, such as lights, motors, or sensors. The video feed is simply IP Camera app running on the Android phone in the background. Nothing super new here, but a fun challenge for me to get my feet wet in internet connectivity. 🙂 Stay tuned! I hope to be done before April 2016