FIRST Lego League 2012

Built for FLL 2012, Senior Solutions, this robot is a champion. It received 1st place in Louisiana for robot performance and design.

FIRST Lego League is a international competition for kids between 10 – 15 years old. In the robot performance part of the competition, the object is to complete as many challenges on the board as possible in 2.5 minutes. These activities range from bringing something back to base, to repairing “broken” objects on the board. No remote control allowed! The robot has to run on code alone. It can only be touched inside “base”, a marked corner on the board. Very few, if any, teams complete every single challenge on the board. Still impressive when you consider it is all autonomous!

Our team (which I coached) worked on this Lego robot for several months before the competition. This stressful and often annoying work paid off, as our team rose to victory.

FLL bot

The robot base, with no attachments

FLL bot attachment

Bulldozer attachment

FLL bot attachment

The most used attachment, a motorized grabber, dropper arm.

FLL bot attachment

Used for moving a specific piece on the board

FLL bot attachment

A pusher attachment for brute force

blrick head rev 4

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