Battle Bot (FireWire)

FireWire is my second 3lb (Beetleweight class) combat robot.

It went from initial thoughts to fully built in 2 weeks, as I forgot about the day of the competition.

The metal enclosure is from an external FireWire/USB hard drive. Most of the internal frame is 3D printed from PLA.

It has 4 identical gearmotors powered by a 4S (15.4V) LiPo battery.

Circuitry consists of an Arduino Nano, FlySky RC receiver, and three VNH3ASP30 30amp motor driver chips.

It placed 2nd in the October 2020 Utah Bot Brawl.

FireWire/USB external hard drive enclosure

Built the entire bot in Fusion 360

Doing some test fits

Extruded aluminum

3D printing the gears with my Ender 5 printer

Regular weighing happened throughout the build

Test fitting some of the parts with the 3D printed frame

Linear actuator from Amazon. It can lift 13 pounds

Marking the metal to cut

Test fitting the 3D printed frame

Fully cut metal frame

More test fits

A circuit sandwich being test fit

Soldered together circuit sandwich

All electronics installed

Lifting my old bot, Little Mac

Check out the beauty of that actuator!


Can drive upside down easily

Front view

Rear view

You can see my 3D printed gears

The power switch is a screw you insert

Side view

Bottom view

Coming home from Utah Bot Brawl

Coming home from Utah Bot Brawl

After fighting Rival, a vertical spinner with some power

Coming home from Utah Bot Brawl. The poor linear actuator is torn in half

Coming home from Utah Bot Brawl

After the Utah Bot Brawl October 2020

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