Future: Remote Control Roomba Cam over WiFi!


Currently in the works… A remote control Roomba, with a pan/tilt camera mount and possibly a simple arm to hit handicapped buttons (to enter doors). Project goal: Use websocket protocol to communicate between a computer and Arduino microcontroller, using an Android phone as the USB/WiFi link.

Using javascript on an HTML page, the computer will send out commands depending on keys pressed on keyboard. The Android phone will take these commands and send them through USB On The Go (OTG) to the Arduino, which will finally control the Roomba through its serial port.¬† The Arduino can also connect to pretty much anything else, such as lights, motors, or sensors. The video feed is simply IP Camera app running on the Android phone in the background. Nothing super new here, but a fun challenge for me to get my feet wet in internet connectivity. ūüôā Stay tuned! I hope to be done before April 2016

How to unhide your files after a virus attack


The most common virus I see here in NZ is one that makes all the files/folders on the root of the¬†drive¬†hidden system files. Then it makes a bunch of shortcuts with the same file names as the hidden files. But all the shortcuts lead to a virus. It’s very simple to fix. It runs rampant among flash¬†drives¬†as they are plugged into many different computers.

Please note this virus is easily blocked if antivirus software is already on the computer you plug the infected drive into.

To unhide your files, pick an option below.

1st option:
Just download this file UnhideFiles.bat and put it on the root of the flash drive or hard drive you are trying to fix.
You may get a security warning, ignore it. If you are unsure of the cleanliness of the file, use the option below.

2nd option (little harder, but safer):
Open a notepad text document.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d *?

then save as a .bat file.
-h is for not hidden
-r for not read only

-s for not system file

NOTE: Requires Administrator Privileges to run this file!

Double click to open it, a command prompt window will open.

When the window closes, every file is unhid and back to normal, then just delete the viruses.

Best to have an antivirus program on the computer you’re using as well.
I recommend Avira Free Antivirus