I build robots, take things apart, and explore the world. I specialize in reverse engineering and electronics reuse, which make for some pretty unique creations!

This website showcases my projects, and in many cases, provides schematics and instructions for how to build them. There are no ads, signups, or gimmicks. I simply run this site for fun and relaxation.

Currently I am studying electrical engineering.

My youtube channel is youtube.com/user/robowarner

My email is warner AT robowarner.com

Thanks for visiting!



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The information I collect (your IP address, used to determine your rough location)  is mashed together into an awesome graph that shows what countries around the world are visiting. There is no way for me to track individual visitors or even cities.

I will never spam your email address. You will only receive a email response to your comment, if you asked a question.

For the paranoid, just turn off cookies on your web browser, the site works perfectly fine without them.

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