Little Mac II (3lb Battlebot)

This is the second version of Little Mac, now with a better weapon!

Just like the previous Little Mac, it is built inside an old Mac Mini computer, complete with the original Apple top plate.

It uses brushed drive motors, a Fingertech beater bar set, and custom circuitry. The weapon and wheels are on dead shafts, made out of old printer rods. The base is HDPE. All 3D printed parts are PETG.

Initial test fits of parts

Hand cut and drilled

Freshly cut parts

More test fits with the cut parts

Weight check

Starting the drivetrain assembly with the 3D printed parts

3D printed PETG motor and power switch mount

Drivetrain block installed

Drivetrain and circuitry

Weapon motor and ESC on the side

Drivetrain, circuitry, and battery

Exactly 3 pounds!

The internals

Finished bot, ready for battle! Wheels are coated in liquid latex for traction.

Little Mac II and Little Mac

Bent up the arms of Yellow Buddy, and tore out the corner. I won this fight.

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